Pescus Door Handle

Furniture Accessories Design Focus: Pescus Door Handle

A Good Furniture Accessories design example, the Pescus is a creative Door Handle design. Pescus was designed in 2011, and here is a how it is described by its designer: The PEscus is a very beautiful door handle design that can fit any environment, <Cropped>

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Commercial Area & Vip Waiting Room by Sanzpont [arquitectura]

Sanzpont [arquitectura] Reveals The Commercial Area, Sjd Airport Commercial Area & Vip Waiting Room

Sanzpont [arquitectura], the maker of the awarded work Commercial Area, SJD Airport - Commercial Area & Vip Waiting Room by Sanzpont [arquitectura] says, This project join the new trend in green design Airports in the world, it incorporates shops <Cropped>

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Olah-Light by Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery Reveals The Olah Light

Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery, the architect of the awarded design Olah by Maurice Dery and Jordan Dery says, Olah is a wall sconce using a circline fluorescent bulb, that is integral to the lighting design. Ingenuity and a love of engineering enabled <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Massimals Architectural Design Research Installation

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Massimals Architectural Design Research Installation

The creator of the highlighted design Massimals by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Massimals is an architectural design research project that presents full-scale pieces exploring the relationship between social engagement and built form. Each Massima <Cropped>

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Next Generation Dispenser

New Packaging Design Contest On a Global Packaging Leader in The Dispensing Technologies Invites You to Design a New Actuator For Aerosol Packaging With a Focus On On-shelf/On-line Style, Environmental Sustainability and User

New packaging design contest on a global packaging leader in the dispensing technologies invites you to design a new actuator for aerosol packaging with a focus on on-shelf / on-line style, environmental sustainability and user experience <Cropped>

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Motorized Biometric Id Device by Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin

Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin Presents The Vista Ey2t Motorized Biometric Id Device

Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin, the lead designer of the awarded work Vista EY2T by Chris Dopp & Travis Baldwin illustrates, The EY2T is an automatically rotating biometric camera for face and iris recognition. It scans the field of view for fac <Cropped>

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Silhouette Collection-Vase by Libero Rutilo

Libero Rutilo Designs The Silhouette Collection Vase

Libero Rutilo , the creator of the awarded project Silhouette Collection by Libero Rutilo explains, The project gives a second chance to such an unvalued object as a PET bottle, which would be normally thrown away after it has been used. The idea was <Cropped>

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Award Winning Supreme Worktop Range Hood

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Supreme Worktop Range Hood

The maker of the displayed design Worktop Range Hood:Supreme by Acclaimed Designer points out, Supreme is a hybrid product that provides flexible and comprehensive cooking experience by integrating the extractor hood and hob into one single surface. <Cropped>

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Exhibition, Communication by Chengzhe Zhang

Chengzhe Zhang Portrays The Parkview-nanchang Vanke Sales Office Exhibition, Communication

Chengzhe Zhang, the architect of the highlighted design Parkview-Nanchang Vanke Sales Office by Chengzhe Zhang explicates, The main concept of this entry is to interpret oriental charm in a modern way. Overlook the whole building from above, it’s <Cropped>

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Giulia Messori's Ecopuzzle Puzzle Book

Giulia Messori Illustrates The Ecopuzzle Puzzle Book

Giulia Messori, the maker of the highlighted work Giulia Messori's EcoPuzzle puzzle book says, This product is ecofriendly both for the entire production cycle and beacuse it's made of Materi-Bi® so entirely compostable (in compliance with <Cropped>

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