Jz Club by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N Designs The Jz Club Jazz Bar

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N, the creator of the award winning project JZ Club - Jazz Bar by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N demonstrates, In October 2016, the JZ Club unveiled their new location at Found 158, in the middle of a local park on Julu Lu, Shanghai. The JZ Club is one of the most well known jazz clubs in Shanghai, and even in China. They have been attracted jazz lovers since it launched. Inspired by old Shanghai, the use of the grey brick as a backdrop and the color red of Italian stucco wall was used to highlight the space ambience. Red curtains adorn the walls, art deco lamps dimly illuminate the tables, and old Shanghai accents are sprinkled throughout. It creates a mysterious yet intimate place for all..

Jz Club by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=62045

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