Book Shelf:4 Seasons Love by Designer-Leyla Canbaz Gundem

Designer-Leyla Canbaz Gundem Demonstrates The 4 Seasons Love Book Shelf

Designer - Leyla Canbaz Gundem, the project leader of the displayed project 4 Seasons Love by Designer - Leyla Canbaz Gundem spells out, More than a book shelf, an architectural construction, with a facade that calls to mind classic grace.Thick, shelves create a decidedly horizontal pattern, interrupted here and there by vertical metal segments that create an irregular and eye catching division of the space.Formality of the project is possionate quest for the finest and most unusual materials ,creating a fascinating contrast .Vertical and horizontal lines and colors are gold,copper rose, titanium black.Shapes and colors in her simplistic designing to create a sense of balance..

Book Shelf:4 Seasons Love by Designer-Leyla Canbaz Gundem Images:


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